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In terms of preventive medicine, one of the most important issues of our medicine, the easiest and most affordable way of dealing with diseases is to take the necessary precautions before getting the disease.

From the moment you adopt our patients, you can get information and support from us about nutrition, cleaning, vaccination and living conditions with the examination we will do.

We first examine our patients you own and get the necessary information from you.

Then we warn you about the issues you need to pay attention to and prepare your pet's vaccination schedule.

We process the vaccines, (internal and external) anti-parasitic applications on the identity / vaccination card of your pet as the date they are made and we send you a message to remind you of these days.

On each vaccination day, we make a pre-vaccination examination of our patient and record his findings.

Keeping Alive is Art

As Therapy Animal Hospital, we serve with the principle of "Keeping Alive is Art" ...

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