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Radiological examination is an important auxiliary diagnosis method, it may be sufficient for the diagnosis of a disease by itself, by avoiding other diagnostic methods.


Ultrasonography, which has an important share in the diagnosis of many diseases and in the treatment of some diseases with interventional methods, enables the tissues and organs in the interior of the body to be seen in general terms.

Pregnancy examination, mother and baby health and follow-up

Heart (Echocardiography) and vascular diseases

Investigation of liver failure, diseases, structural abnormalities and damages

Gallstones and diseases

Investigation of kidney failure, diseases, structural abnormalities and damages

Prostate and urogenital diseases

Investigation of various infections

Examination of masses in breast and soft tissues

Investigations for joint and muscle diseases

The cyst is used as a guide in interventions with biopsy or therapeutic needle.

We are able to perform detailed (detailed) ultrasound applications with the color Doppler ultrasound, which offers a different imaging opportunity than other ultrasound techniques. We can have an idea about the research of cardiovascular diseases, the distribution of blood vessels in tissues and organs, the direction of blood flow, possible vascular abnormalities and therefore the tendency of cancer in tumors.


It is the visualization of the patient's oral cavity (inside the mouth), pharynx, esophagus, stomach and intestinal inlet, briefly, the digestive system, with a thin camera system. With this view, possible damage in the digestive system can be monitored, foreign body can be detected and removed.


Our C-Arm Scope device that we use actively in our hospital; We use it for imaging in the operating environment for orthopedics, traumatology, general surgery. We use the C-Arm Scope, which is an x-ray device that provides real-time (instant) images, also in cases where we need to watch the chest and abdominal cavity in motion in internal diseases.

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