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How to train a dog not to jump on you?

It may seem harmless - but it's really scary for kids, and your guests won't be too welcome to have their expensive outfits disgrace. Therefore, the best solution is to not encourage this behavior in any way. But remember, to be successful, the whole family must work together.

Here are some training tactics for your dog to avoid jumping on you when saying hello:
Take a step towards him as he leaps - this will cause him to lose his balance.
Turn around and ignore your dog completely until he calms down.
Praise and reward him with nice words when he stands or sits on the ground.
Better yet, teach him to shake people to greet people

If he is still jumping on the visitors, put on his leash and pull his leash so that he cannot balance when he tries to jump. Ask your friend to turn away until your dog calms down, pamper him generously when he's calm. Repeat, reward and reinforce.

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